Future Sounds – 11/04/19

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

This week’s genre-hopping, globe-trotting selection of brand new music with Martyn Grenfell.

Music played:

Holly Rees – Better
Dan Lyons – Special People
Chelsea Jyles – Jeans
SWYM – It’s Alright, Nothing’s Real
Altered Sky – Surrounded
Drew Davies – Man On The Run
Sepsiss – To Write Hate On His Arms
Mousewater – When The Sun Is Gone
Catalyst CT – It’s Like Fire
Where We Sleep – The Desert
The Aints! Goodnight Ladies (I Hear A Sound Without)
Corduroy Spaceship – About Everything
Ernest Moon – Satdeenight Ready
James Godfrey – Young
Ray Ramon – Make That Move
Simone – Game Boy
Dr Zeus & Amber T – Tick Tock
Juvenal Maze – She Just Wanna
Ben Jordan – Go Home
Marvin Naylor – For Ever
Masasolo – You Got That Something
Debbie Detox – Duvet Day
Slowness – Rose