Future Sounds – 04/04/19

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

This week’s selection of globe-trotting, genre-hopping brand new sounds from Martyn Grenfell.

Music played:

Kill The Silence – All We Are
Shanghai Blues – On My Mind
Will Church – Hey Guys
Minx – Female Dirtbag
The Artisans – Impossible
Nathaje – Follow The Light
Aliens – Long Way To Run
JNYHZD – Calling
Frankie Swain – Hook Line and Sinker
Lucy Gallant – Not Normal
Oblong – River City
Little Triggers – Giving Me Up
Luna Blue – Waves
Futose & Charlie Lane – Without You
Oliver New – This Is Us
Tears of Happiness – Close To You
Suzan Mutesi – The Feeling is Mutual
Ava Bryant – I Take It All Back
The Good Water – Colours
Elisa Kate – Now or Never
Omar Addis – Aperture
Stunflower – A Million Years
Freya Roy – 22 Movements
Susan James – Sea Glass