Electro-Disco – 05/04/19

Electro Disco

Join Jonesy for the Electro Disco show on alternate Friday evenings from 8pm

Catch up on the latest selection from Jonesy, our very own synth-supremo!

Music played:
Fade To Flourescent Grey (Mashup) – Pet Shop Boys vs Visage
Back In Time – Buzzing Sound Candy
Peep Show – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun
Let Me Die (People Theatre Mix) – Robotiko Rejekto ft Peter Rainman
Dead Beat Boogie – Autistic Disco
Broken Glass – Herhuth|AfterDark
Dream Baby Dream – Suicide
Ouseburn – Twist Helix
Thank You (For Moving Me Up) (Ext Dance Mix) – Centre Excuse
How Long – Audiodeluxe
Lies – The Distant Minds
Mind Of A Toy (Special Ext Dance Mix) – Visage
Blue Monday – Absolute Body Control
Idiots And The Rich – LorDandMaster
The Girls Are Chewing Gum – Patience
Never Over You ft Boy George – Replicant
Warsawa – David Bowie
Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) – Eurythmics
Imperio Oscuro – Kill Bill G
Watch – Substaat
Edge Of The Universe ft Parallels – Futurecop!
Honour -VNV Nation