Electro-Disco – 01/02/19

Electro Disco

Join Jonesy for the Electro Disco show on alternate Friday evenings from 8pm

Catch up on the latest show with our synth supremo Jonesy.

Music played:

The Human League vs Carly Simon – Don’t You want Me So Vain (Mashup)
Empathy Test – Vampire Town
Herhuth|Afterdark – Reason
Andreas Dorau – Fred Vom Jupiter
Mecanik Fabrik – Gladiator
Section:2 – Rubber Made
Aurelie D – And Then (Powered by Shiny Darkness)
Absolute Body Control – Give Me Your Hands
Evil Pink Machine – Mr Stereo
The Human League – Sin City
Moenia – Morir Tres Vaces
Boytronic – Disco-sity
Vogon Poetry – Spacewalk (Nature Of Wires Rmx)
Projekt Ich – Running ft Erik Stein (Synthetic Content Instrumental Mix)
The Grey Disorder – I’m Afraid Of Americans
Les Rhythmes Digitales – Hey You, What’s That Sound
Air – Sexy Boy
Phonseca – Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order – In A Lonely Place
Zynic – Dreams In Black and White
Foretaste – Stupid Girl
Caroline McLavy – Miss Perfect (LorD and Master Rmx)
VNV Nation – Lights Go Out
Marsheaux – Can You Stop Me (Now)