The 2019 General Election – The Results

The 2019 General Election is over.

Nus Ghani has been re-elected as Conservative member of parliament for Wealden in the general election.

The result was declared in record time at the East Sussex National as follows:-

Nus Ghani (Conservative) 37,043

Chris Bowers (Lib Dem) 11,388

Angie Smith (Labour) 9,377

Georgia Widdicombe Taylor  (Green Party) 3099

The turnout was 73.84% – The Conservative majority was 25,655

In the 2017 Election, Nus Ghani received 37,027 votes, 61.2% of the vote.

Nus Ghani spoke with Tony Willams after her election victory – take a listen


Maria Caulfield has been re-elected as Conservative member of Parliament for Lewes.

The result is as follows:

Maria Caulfield (Conservatives) 26,268

Oli Henman (Lib Dems) 23,811

Kate Chappell (Labour)  3,206

Johnny Denis (Green Party) 1,453

Paul Cragg (Independent) 113

The turnout was 76.7% – The Conservative majority was 2,457

Uckfield FM interviewed all of the candidates for both Wealden and Lewes Constituencies

Take a listen

Wealden Constituency – The Candidates

Nus Ghani


Chris Bowers

Angie Smith



 Georgia Taylor

No Candidate

Lewes Constituency – The Candidates

Maria Caulfield

Kate Chappell

Oli Henman

Johnny Denis