Writer Robin Driscoll – Book signing in Uckfield

After leaving Worthing Art College, Robin Driscoll, with friends, formed a touring theatre company in the early 70s named ‘Cliffhanger’.

The shows were always comedies and contrived through improvisation. After writing for several TV comedies, he became a contributor to Alas Smith and Jones and later, the main writer for Mr. Bean, the series, movies and animations.

He’s recently put scriptwriting aside to write mystery thrillers, which might surprise some, but rather than write comedies, he’s chosen to write what he likes to read.

The WH Smith group, which includes British Bookshops & Stationery, invited authors to do book signings in their local stores.

Robin Driscoll had a great time on Friday and Saturday; sold some books and chatted to customers.

Which he loves; writing is a solitary business and although he spent many years in comedy, he is now starting on the first rung of getting known as an author of mystery thrillers with, as he says (with funny bits).

Robin said “The most important thing, for writers starting out, is to simply let people know that you are there! at a book signing you’re saying, “Oi, you lot, I’ve written this book, and I think you might be interested in reading it! After that, it’s word of mouth and a little help from newspapers like this one. So thanks everyone”.

Presently, his published novels are ‘Rough Music’, ‘The Unborn’ and ‘Still Warm.’

Contact: robindriscollwriter@gmail.com

James Smith having his book signed

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)