Wendy Tagg’s – Natural Nature in Uckfield update

Over the last weekend of January, I was one of thousands of people, including some in the Uckfield area, who did the RSPB’s great garden birdwatch.

In 1 hour, I counted 35 individuals of 12 different species ranging from tiny Wrens to fat, pompous-looking Woodpigeons.

Having seen the decline in House Sparrows, I was delighted to see more of these cheeky little birds than in previous years.

I also saw many garden favourites such as Blackbirds and Robins, Blue and Cole Tits. It is a great time of year to wrap up warm and go bird watching because the birds are beginning to pair up – they are beginning to sing, which helps you find them, and are dressed to impress.

At the moment Frogs and other creatures (including hedgehogs) are hibernating in all sorts of places so please be careful if you tidy or strim your garden.

They will soon wake up and move to ponds so they can breed. Start listening for croaking and looking out for spawn from about Valentine’s day.


Toads will be on the move too and the wonderful Harland’s Pond Toad Rescue will be helping them get across the roads that now make it difficult for them to get to their ancestral pond.

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