Wealden’s new Cabinet

Following the 2 May District Council elections, Cllr Bob Standley has been re-appointed as Leader of Wealden District Council.

He leads a new five-member Cabinet which was appointed by the first meeting of Wealden’s new 45-strong Full Council on 22 May. The number of Wealden District Councillors has been reduced from 55 to 45 in this election as part of a re-drawing of ward boundaries carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England in 2016.

The new Cabinet roles are as follows:

Cllr Bob Standley – Leader, Governance and Finance: Responsibilities include corporate policy, budget, council tax and car parks.

Cllr Ann Newton – Deputy Leader, Planning and Development: Responsibilities include Local Plan, AONB policy, planning, enforcement and conservation.

Cllr Roy Galley – Economic Development, Waste Management and Human Relations: Responsibilities include business, tourism, delivery of commissioned waste and recycling services and workforce development.

Cllr Philip Lunn – Community and Public Health: Responsibilities include food safety, leisure, pollution control, licensing, community grants and animal welfare. Also includes consultation and engagement, democratic services, the voluntary sector and customer services.

Cllr Ray Cade – Housing and Benefit: Responsibilities include council housing, affordable housing, housing, council tax support and transformation to Universal Credit.

The 22 May meeting of Full Council also approved the appointment of the following committee chairs:

Chairman of the Licensing Committee: Cllr Nigel Coltman.
Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee: Cllr Kay Moss.
Chairman of Audit, Finance and Governance Committee: Cllr Peter Roundell.
Chairman of Planning Committee North: Cllr Johanna Howell.
Chairman of Planning Committee South: Cllr Susan Stedman.
Chairman of Standards Committee: Cllr Brian Redman.