Wealden DC – Help cool the climate – Compost!

Wealden District Council is encouraging more residents to get composting as part of International Compost Awareness week (5 – 11 May).

It acknowledges the role that composting organic waste plays in reducing our carbon footprint and combating climate change.

By composting garden waste and non-meat food waste at home, carbon captured from the atmosphere by plants can be returned to the soil. Using this compost adds nutrients and helps to improve the overall structure of the soil and can provide resistance to drought and disease.

That is why the theme of the 2019 International Compost Awareness Week is  ‘Cool the Climate – Compost!’ recognising the connection between soil health and climate.

“More than 30 % of the average household waste can be composted instead of being put in the bin,” said Alex White, Head of Customer Services at Wealden District Council.

“Although many households already compost at home, even more people could get involved and in turn further reduce carbon emissions by not having to take the waste away from the premises. Compostable items include eggshells, egg boxes, hair, coffee grounds, tea bags, rotten fruit, vegetable scraps, shredded paper and lots more.”

To encourage residents to get composting, Wealden District Council has some fantastic offers in partnership with East Sussex County Council. Special value compost converters and food waste digesters are available from as little as £18.50.

For full details on these offers or to order, visit www.escc.getcomposting.com or call Straight Plc 0844 5714444.

The Council does provide a garden waste collection service. Garden waste is taken to Veolia’s Woodlands In-Vessel Composting Facility in Whitesmith, near East Hoathly, to be turned into soil conditioner. The large scale site enables faster composting by utilising higher temperatures than can be achieved at home. The compost is used to create soil enhancer which can be purchased from Household Waste Recycling Sites across East Sussex or is available in bulk from www.pro-grow.com.

For further information on recycling, including tips on composting, and how to reduce the amount of waste you produce, visit www.wealden.gov.uk.