Wealden Council – Garden waste sign up extension

If you are yet to sign up for the Council’s new chargeable garden waste collection service, there is still plenty of time. The new service will start from 1 July. Joining this new service is optional and the annual subscription is £50 for each bin. 

We have extended the deadline for sign up to 13 June 2019. The quickest and easiest way to sign up and pay for the service is online at my.wealden.gov.uk

Since announcing that we are now open to taking payments for this service, our phone lines have been extremely busy. We kindly request that if you do have access to the internet and are able to sign up online that you do so rather than calling us. This will allow us to concentrate our resources on helping those who have no alternative but to contact us by phone. If you are not able to sign up on line, you can call us on 01323 443322.

If you choose not to join the new service, you do not need to contact us. The final free collection will be your last scheduled garden waste collection in June. If you do not wish to subscribe, we will need to remove the bin for re-use or recycling.  Please continue to place the empty bin out on your scheduled collection days and it will be removed by the end of July.

For further information on recycling, including tips on composting, and how to reduce the amount of waste you produce, visit www.wealden.gov.uk


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