Wealden Climate Emergency Petition Launch

Today [12th July 2019] a group of young teenagers are launching a petition asking Wealden District Council to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The group will be speaking to members of the public in the Waitrose Uckfield car park at 10.30am.  This car park and the centre of Uckfield were under a metre of floodwater during the 2000 floods.

Ingrid Burniston, aged 13, who started the petition said,

We desperately need Wealden District Council – like every council – to get fossil fuel free in ten years. We want to get hundreds of people who work, live or study in the Weald to demand radical action now.’ 

In the coming weeks, the group will be seeking signatures in towns and villages across Wealden District and asking shops to have the petitions at their tills.

Nina Ovenden, aged 14, another of the student organisers said,

‘The time for promises and empty words is over. Change is needed at every level. Even though Wealden is small, everything counts in the race to decarbonise Britain. This is not a problem for tomorrow let alone 2050.


All Images by Ron Hill