Wanted: garden waste bins

If you are not joining our new chargeable garden waste service, it is time to say goodbye to the brown garden waste bin.

bin sticker

If you want to change your mind, you can still sign up at www.wealden.gov.uk

We will be collecting garden waste bins from customers who no longer want the service so that we can use the bins to supply new residents and replace damaged ones.

These bins remain the property of the Council and we will collect them back during July on the same day that you would have had a garden waste collection.

Please leave the empty bin at the edge of your property.  We will try to pick up the bins as soon as possible but if we don’t get to you in the first week, please leave it out again on what would have been your next scheduled collection. You can check the dates in your calendar or through our website at www.wealden.gov.uk

If you have already subscribed to the new service, please make sure you have put the licence sticker on the bin – we will be taking away the bins without stickers!

Remember: garden waste cannot be placed in your household bin or recycling bin. Collection crews will refuse to empty in such cases due to the contamination of vehicle loads.

“We have been very pleased with the take up of the new garden waste scheme,” said Councillor Roy Galley, Cabinet member for Waste Management. “But we now need to collect the bins from those who do not need the service so that we can use the bins for others.  The Council provides the bins to residents so it’s important we recover these bins for re-use”.

“If you decide you would like to join the new scheme, which costs £50 a year for a fortnightly collection, you can still apply via the Wealden web site.”

Garden composters and food waste digesters are available from as little as £18.50 through East Sussex County Council. For full details on these offers or to order, visit www.escc.getcomposting.com or call Straight Plc 0844 5714444.

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