Volunteers sought to operate Speed Indicator Device in Uckfield

The town council Environment and Leisure committee were told that volunteers were needed to get the Uckfield Speed Watch started.

In a report to the council by Cllr Paul Sparks he said:

This working group was established a couple of years ago as a means of trying to reduce the speed of traffic within our Town by using a Speed Indicator Device (SID) which can be moved to different locations around the Town.

It is deployed during the day at different times and relies on a group of volunteers willing to undertake shifts of usually 2 hours. These volunteers need to be trained in how to use SID together with safety and protocol advice.

County Highways provided a SID to us on loan and arranged some training. However, in view of lack of volunteers and someone to actively manage this, we have not deployed SID for some little time.

Also, there has been some debate on obtaining permanent speed indicator signs either in place of or as an addition.

We now need to review this Group to decide if we want to refresh and go again or if another solution would be better.

It was agreed that approaches will be made to local residents associations to try and get some volunteers to get the scheme started.

Anyone interested is asked to contact the town council.