Uckfield Town Council plans hear objections to application by Tesco

Uckfield Town Council have objected to the plans by Tesco to allow a ‘hub’ at their store in Uckfield.

The plans are for a kiosk to be located in the car park for dry cleaning, key cutting, watch and shoe repairs and run by the Timpson in association with Tesco.

The location would be in the area of the existing drop off zone and open every day of the week.

There were two speakers from the public area who wished to make statements.

Joanne Dixon spoke on behalf of the Uckfield Chamber of Commerce:

Glen Dixon, is the proprietor of Bell Walk Dry Cleaners and spoke on behalf of the Soleman and his business:

So far, Wealden have received 76 objections to the planning application.

Councillors considered the application but was objected  by all on several issues.

It was rejected on the grounds, of increasing congestion both within the car park and cars accessing and leaving the site onto Bell Lane.  There was also the issues of less parking when the town is actually growing and the demand for more spaces will increase.

Other objections were on Health and Safety, the close proximity to the nearby electric substation, the roof affording access to that area, as well as a risk of exposure to electro-magnetic field generated by the high voltage kit nearby.

It was also suggested that employment in town could be affected and would outweigh any gain.  It was also a potential PR disaster for both Tesco and Timpson following the good work Tesco have done in the town recently.

The council are also going to write to the chairman of Timpson.

Uckfield FM are seeking views from Tesco.

Members Plans: Cllr. French (chair), Macve, Cox, Beesley, Love and Bennett. Apologise – Cllr. Mayhew