Uckfield Railway Line Parishes Committe

The Environment and Leisure Committee of Uckfield Town Council received a report at it last meeting from the Uckfield Railway Line Parishes Committee.

Cllr Chris Macve represents the town council on the committee and said:

The function of “Transport for the South East” group was discussed at length and suggestions recorded with regard to promoting the improvement to the Uckfield Line one both the infrastructure and operation.  It was felt the group’s aims were progressing slowly but that more could be done in respect of the Uckfield Line.  It was agreed the chairman would contact them to try to achieve more contact and information.  Whilst it was agreed the service on the Uckfield Line was improving there were still many turn around at Crowborough and that there were still problems on short term parking and pickups at Crowborough.  This problem is compounded by the issue of false parking tickets from the ANPR machine. 

With the forthcoming tender process for the new franchises the committee should compile a list of requirements to be included in the tender process, to start with improved car parking at stations, additional peak time evening services and co-ordination of timing of buses and trains.