Uckfield Local Nature Reserves Annual Meeting

The Uckfield Local Nature Reserves committee with Ranger Geoff Pollard (3rd from left) and Cllr. Jackie Love (2nd from right)

The Uckfield Local Nature Reserves Supporters AGM took place at Uckfield Civic Centre.

Chairman Dave Hall told the meeting that several bird spotting and fungal forays had taken place over the past year . There was to be another walk this Sunday starting at Princes Close at 9:30. It was now a good time to see birds who are returning to the UK after their winter migration.

The Ranger, Geoff Pollard told the meeting that he has had a very busy year and thanked volunteers from Plumpton College and local residents who have helped him in his duties on the reserves over the past year.   He was hoping to get some more volunteers as he could do more with help especially when he had to use a chain saw.   An appeal will be made via local media and social media sites for more help as we go into the spring and summer.

He spoke about the board walks which were in need of replacement on West Park and his view was that they should be replaced with stone paths to ensure better wear and longer life than the wood.  This would cost a lot of money to complete and ideas were sought from the meeting.

There was a suggestion that the local Chamber of Commerce could be asked and other areas such as the Tesco Blue Token and Waitrose schemes should be explored.

The Ranger also said that we would be getting sheep again on West Park and apart from the normal enclosed area, it is planned to fence off some of the area near to Buckswood Grange to let the sheep graze there to reduce the growth of bracken there.

The Chairman outlined initiatives for this year, which include, clearing of gorse, a stand on the Big Day, the photographic competition, and the purchase of bat, bird and owl boxes on the reserves.

If anyone would like to volunteer then contact the Uckfield Volunteer Centre who will pass on details to the Ranger.