Uckfield Lions Club Prostate & Diabetes Screening Event

Continuing their support for our Community Uckfield Lions held their second combined Prostate Cancer and Diabetes Screening event on Saturday 6th April 2019 at the Belmont Centre, Uckfield.

Their partners for the Prostate Screening were PCaSO-the Prostate Cancer Support Organization- which conducted 150 Prostate Specific Antigen-PSA-tests for our local men. Blood samples taken were sent to Worthing Hospital for analysis & each patient will receive an individual letter within the month giving their result and recommending any action that might need to be taken.

The event was attended by Uckfield Mayor, Spike Mayhew and Mike Skinner from Uckfield FM.

At the same time these patients together with their partners and the wider community undertook a Diabetes Screening, conducted by Nurses Amanda Baxter, Liz Knight and Emma Sibley, who provided their services free of charge together with Pharmacist David Skinner.

The screening was conducted using a single drop of blood from each patient and appropriate advice given. 119 people were screened of which 5 were referred on to their GP for further investigation.

As a further service everyone was offered the Diabetes UK Risk Assessment which requires body measurement to be done in the patient’s home. This assessment indicates the probability of the patient developing Diabetes in future years and indicates appropriate action to be taken by the patient for each recorded score.

This service gives the patient knowledge of their current blood glucose levels and also enables them to take action appropriately to minimise the chance of developing diabetes in the future and this additional service was very well received.

Both Prostate Cancer and Diabetes conditions are significantly more manageable if they are diagnosed early and Uckfield Lions are happy to help support the NHS and help the community to avoid some health problems in the future.


ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)