Uckfield Lions celebrate 50th anniversary by presenting new benches for Luxford Field

Uckfield Lions Club are to present new benches to replace the wooden ones in Luxford Field as part of their 50th anniversary year.

The Uckfield and District Lions Club have been serving the community of Uckfield and the surrounding villages since 1969 and this year marks its 50th anniversary.

A report to council said ‘To mark this important occasion and to celebrate their good work within the community, they would like to present a gift to the town’

After discussion the Lions came to the decision that they would gift a number of new benches to the popular and central open green space in the town, Luxford Field.

The benches would be similar to the one placed by the Lions last year near to Streatfeild House.

Some of the benches currently in Luxford Field show signs of damage.

The Uckfield and District Lions would also like to plant a number of trees in the town.

At Mondays full Town Council meeting the members agreed to support the kind offer of the Lions.

The bench will be similar to this one in Southview Drive