Uckfield Housebound Club Harvest Tea at Rocks Park School

Once again Uckfield Housebound and Friendship club were delighted to be invited to Rocks Park School for a Harvest Tea with entertainment.

Mr Best the school’s headmaster welcomed the club’s members and said in the 40th year of Rocks Park the school was very pleased to see everyone.

This year the afternoon took on a different format, with Year two children singing a few songs and in the process charming the members, and then the year four children did a rap version of a Harvest song, as always the members were thoroughly entertained.

Year six children brought out their current year project books on World War two for members to discuss with them and served a wonderful Harvest Spread with Sandwiches ,Cakes, and biscuits and most important Tea and Coffee.

It is rare these days where two contrasting generations have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other and everybody had a wonderful time. The school’s values of Caring, Being Respectful, Being Positive and Independent shone through and the Housebound Club were very impressed with the children.

Uckfield Housebound club are very grateful to Mr Best and his team for the work they do in making this a really enjoyable afternoon ,and of course most important a very big thank you to the children.

For further details of Uckfield Housebound and Friendship club, please contact Frank Phillips on 01825763658 or frank.phillips60@gmail.com

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)