Uckfield Gardeners Club’s Summer Show

Uckfield Gardeners Club show day promised to be a rather rainy one, much to every ones delight the sun returned and they had a very well supported day at the Luxford Centre.

The entrants had worked hard to overcome some recent challenging growing conditions where many things had gone into hibernation with the heat and just stopped growing or flowering.

The rain that followed ruined many, more than usually fragile, plants flat.

Many regulars were welcomed to the show along with some new visitors. Pauline Brown won best flower exhibit in show for her tall zebra grass but also the trophy over all for the flowers section and another for her pretty roses.

Phil Manning won the vegetables section trophies with, many impressive veg, including a marrow (in photograph).

The handicrafts section was won by Margaret Wainwright and Cookery went to Joan Turner who romped away with three top cakes. Joan also won the trophy for best dahlias & sweet peas.

Margaret Clark won the decorative section for some very intricate flower arrangements, while Vernon Clark won the photography section.

The children’s classes were won over all by Ada Sherwood, who baked Cheese scones & created a forest in a seed tray.

Show Secreaty Cathy Shaw said:

‘It clearly goes to show we have some very talented gardeners round Uckfield’

‘A big thank you to all who took part whether as exhibitor or helper’

L – R in pictures …Jenny Childs, Sylvia Pocock (judge for fruit, veg & flowers), Annie Locke, Sue Harper, Bridget Sanger




ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)

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