Uckfield Festival – Book competition

Felix Rabson Stark from Framfield C E School age 9

Dragon Man by Felix Rabson Stark from Framfield C E School age 9.

Monsters never die, they only disappear for a time so they can regenerate.

The hill country of Telegas was a peaceful nation until… 967 years from his last regenaration the forest giant Raxatornacous rose again and laid waste to the Telegasians civilisation and destroyed their way of life. More beasts came: the hulking forms of ogres, the armoured bodies of Ankhegs and the vampric persons of Twig, Needle and Vine blights.

Heroes and soldiers tried to defeat Raxatornacous but all failed. The giant settled himself in a huge castle and the skeletons of his enemies were strewn across the grounds of the grim fortress. Then, 70 years since the giant arose a saviour appeared, in the form of a man from midnight jungle, the ranger Fai Diamonddew, tamer of lizards

Fai was unlike any other person as metal from bone. Fai could speak to dragons. When this hero first arrived in telegas the sky went dark for a moment, a collosal dragon swooped down and a man slid down its spinal cord. This was Fai. Fai had landed in the charred remains of a corn field. Then, a shambling figure came into veiw with spines covering its body. a spine thudded into the fence behind fai and another into his backpack.

Thhunk! Thhunk! Quick as lightning Fai flung a dagger that burst into flames as it struck, eliminating the needle blight. Then Fai moved across the field, hurdeled the opposite fence, and came face to face with an Ankheg.

Dodging the spray of acid Fai threw another blade.

Fhshhhhh! the giant insect crumbled to dust. Continuing to the castle Fai came across more beasts. Ogres, Vine and Twig blights and more Ankhegs.suddenly, without warning, the ground fell away. Grasping on with one hand Fai felt around in his pack for his horn. One sharp blast and a dragon would aid him. But in his haste the engraved ivory instrument slipped from his sweaty palm and almost fell. Just in time Fai caught it and gave a sharp blast and a collosal hand picked him up and a gigantic voice boomed “Who is this miserable person?!!??” It was the giant!

The hole that Fai had fallen into was Raxatornacous FOOTPRINT! And the huge black tower in the distance must have been the GIANT’S CASTLE! Suddenly a tiny dragon popped into existance and flew down the giant’s wooden throat. The monster let out a hacking cough and dropped Fai. Fai landed on the back of a bronze dragon. Suddenly, another massive insect reared up from the ground. The dragon exhaled jets of lighting and the armoured bug imploded in a shower of sparks. Then Fai flew up to the giants castle (by this time the giant was atop it) and flung yet another flaming dagger. The sizzling weapon impaled the giants shoulder and it burst into flames! Raxatornacous fell and Fai watched the giant crumble to dust. He turned and flew away forever.

For this is the end…

The runners up were Ivy Davies age 7 from Blackboys CE School and Charlotte Newman age 11 from Holy Cross CE School.

Ivy Davies age 7 from Blackboys CE School

Image shows Ivy and Felix planting the winning prize, a tree , kindly donated by Stavertons nursery.


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