Uckfield College Students arrange collection for Foodbank

Toby Carlisle & Bradley Meier

For a  Year 8 Uckfield College project for Religious education, the students are looking at ways in which they can overcome and relieve suffering.

As part of the project the students were asked to devise a plan to work out how they could alleviate suffering in their local area.

In small groups, they were tasked with coming up with an idea, devising a plan, putting that into action and then presenting the outcome of the project to their class. In addition to this, a written report on the project will form part of the overall assessment for this term.

Uckfield youngster Toby Carlisle, and his classmates, devised a plan to make a food collection for the Uckfield food bank.

They researched the Uckfield Foodbank Website, established the ‘most needed’ list of items and designed a poster/leaflet which they distributed to a number of local businesses.

They then arranged collect of the food from the business and, to date, have 7 large shopping bags full of donated food and toiletries.

Toby will be a guest of Uckfield FM in the next week.