The Natural History of Uckfield by Wendy Tagg

June 2019 – Nature Notes by Wendy Tagg – from her garden and the nature reserves in and around Uckfield

The tree canopies have closed over and the main rush of spring flowers is ending. Now we can see the rich colours and textures of summer.

To me, the flower that says summer is the humble ox-eye daisy. Look out for them in any grassland and roadside verges. The grassy bank at the top of the town is a great place to find them and so is West Park Nature Reserve.

The reserve is also a great place for delicate native orchids. Look for them amongst the grasses and bushes near the Princes Close entrance.

If you want something a bit bigger, visit the Hempstead Meadows nature reserve and look out for the Yellow Flag Irises near the little bridge over the stream.

While you are in the reserve, check out the grassy area near Waitrose. Here you will find more modest blooms and grasses. They are great caterpillar food and so help support summer butterflies such as the Common Blue and Meadow Brown.

Young grasshoppers and crickets begin to appear at the beginning of June. As you might expect, grasshoppers appear in grasslands – the one in the photo jumped onto my notes when I was surveying the plants in Victoria Pleasure Ground.  Crickets are more likely to appear amongst leafy plants.

Survey of Victoria Pleasure Ground plants:

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