The Natural History of Uckfield by Wendy Tagg

As I scurry through the gloomy morning light to collect an even gloomier newspaper, a cheerful tune catches my attention.

A robin, perching on top of a Browns Lane lamppost is singing his courtship song. It is very different to the mournful territorial tune, sung from a low branch, that I have been hearing up to now.

Hopefully a female will respond – you may see a pair chasing each other round the garden while courting. If all goes well, they will often feed together. To find out more about birds and their songs, be sure to look out for David’s bird walks, which are announced in the Uckfield Local Nature Reserves Supporters Facebook Group.

Another sign that winter is overtaking autumn is that there are fewer traditionally shaped fungi and more brackets. I found the Southern Bracket fungi in the photo on an old stump near the river in Buxted Park while waiting for the local Parkrun to start.

On a recent walk in West Park Nature Reserve I spotted these tiny Birds Nest fungi. The spores are hidden in the “eggs”, which jump out of the “nest” when splashed by raindrops.