Remembering The Streatfeild – appeal for help

Richard J Streatfeild was a prominent Uckfield citizen who made a significant contribution to town life and was a major benefactor in several ways. 

R J Streatfeild and his family lived at ‘The Rocks’, which is now Buckswood Grange.  In Rocks Park, and elsewhere in the town, there are reminders of this prominent family in road and building names.  One of his donations to the town was the land for Victoria Pleasure Ground.

However, the grave area in the churchyard of the Holy Cross Church which contains Richard, his daughter, his father and his grandmother looks overgrown and neglected.

David Brown has initiated a project to clean up, restore and refurbish the grave area as a tribute to this family and to what they did for our town.  The church authorities have agreed to and supported the project, but donations of money and materials will be needed to enable the restoration to be completed to a fitting standard.

As first step, Brighter Uckfield agreed to make a start with their amazing volunteers spending a morning clearing much of the overgrowth and weeds from the area.  This was a great success.  In a relatively short time they had achieved a dramatic transformation.   Massive thanks are due to Brighter Uckfield.

There is more to do, however.   The next steps will involve clearing the damaging roots from between the plinth stones, making the central cross vertical again, cleaning some of the stones, improving some of the lettering and installing a weed barrier and a gravel bed to help with the appearance and the future maintenance.

One of the biggest tasks will be the preparation and painting of the black surrounding railings.   David is hoping that organisations in the town and other sponsors will be able to donate materials or provide funds for the more professional aspects of the work which needs to be done.

Please contact David on if you would be able to help in this high profile project to recognise one of the families who have done much to shape the town we know today.

History of the Streatfeilds

Ian Smith talking to David Brown: