Reducing single-use plastic in Uckfield

Brighter Uckfield, local blogger Zero Waste Maman and Uckfield Town Council are joining forces to help cut the amount of single-use plastic usage across Uckfield.

To start off the campaign, they are encouraging local businesses and residents to come along to an information session at the Civic Centre on 27 March 2019. There are two sessions available – one at 12.30pm and one at 5.30pm – to allow people to pop in during their lunch break or after work. The information sessions will last no longer than 45 minutes.

At the sessions there will be a number of short presentations From Brighter Uckfield, Zero Waste Maman and Uckfield Town Council, who will be explaining what they’ve learned from other plastic-free towns giving you some practical tips, talking about the national campaign to reduce our dependency on plastic bottles and Refill Campaign, and Uckfield Town Council will be discussing the steps they’ve taken to lead the way. Most British people are still happy to purchase disposable plastic bottles of water, and only a third of the population drink from reusable bottles when out and about. Adopting a refill scheme in the town could help encourage more people to drink from reusable bottles.

The most problematic single-use plastic waste includes plastic bags, plastic bottles and caps, cigarette butts and food containers (styrofoam products). Many businesses in Uckfield are already changing their single-use plastic for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. So, come along and learn how we can all do our bit in Uckfield to reuse, refuse and reduce.