Reducing single use plastic in Uckfield

Claire Summer 'Zero Waste Maman' and Martin Barnett 'Brighter Uckfield

Two open meetings have been held in respect of reducing single-use plastic in Uckfield.

Daniel Manvell was at tonight’s meeting and his summary has been reproduced below:

Tips on helping the environment and reducing plastic use. 

A really great event on how to reduce plastic consumption from Uckfield Town Council and Brighter Uckfield! If all 15,000 of us in Uckfield made these small changes we could have a big impact. Many people wanted some tips from the event so here they are:

• Use ‘Cora Balls’ in your laundry. They trap the mircrofibres that come off clothes and prevent them being washed into the sea, polluting our waters and killing sealife. Find out more here:

• Avoid cling film! Use alternatives such as beeswax and cotton sheets which can even keep food fresher than cling film! Simply search for these online – some stores even have them in stock and you can even make your own!

• Re-fill your shampoo, detergent and other cleaning/bathroom bottles! Lansdown Health Store have refill stations in their Uckfield and Lewes shops so you don’t have to buy new, plastic bottles every time. These are also very well priced!

• Avoid plastic bags in the fruit and veg isles. Instead, either bring your own, don’t wrap them or use the paper bags provided for mushrooms. Most produce has its own outer layer protection anyway!

• Some other usual tips included avoiding plastic straws and bags by bringing your own paper/hemp or even wheat versions!

At the earlier meeting Claire Summer, ‘Zero Waste Maman’ addressed the meeting about her involvement in campaigns.

Claire is dedicated to living in a manner that is making a change and influencing the future of our planet. She is along with others on a  journey to educating consumers, is actively involved in environmental think tanks and campaigning for a permanent change in the way we use and dispose of plastic.
She does not profess to be a green-Eco goddess who has nailed the zero waste life journey, but as a mother she cares passionately about the planet our children live on and will inherit.

She told Uckfield FM:

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