Rave On – A tribute to Buddy Holly

Darren Page as Roy Orbison,Mike Nova as Elvis and Marc Robinson as Buddy Holly

2019 is the 60th year since losing Buddy Holly on the eventful night 3rd February 1959 and a packed Weald Hall (over 220) in the Civic Centre Uckfield were treated to a fabulous show starring Marc Robinson as Buddy Holly (from London’s West End) and the Counterfeit Crickets.

Rave On celebrates the music of Buddy Holly including hits such as Heartbeat, Peggy Sue, True Love Ways, Every day With his tailor-made Holly suits, horned rimmed glasses and Stratocaster guitar, Marc Robinson has been bringing Buddy Holly’s music and character to life both here and across Europe and the Middle East. Marc grew up loving rock’n’roll and as he played more and more of Buddy’s classic songs the audiences remarked on how much he looked and sounded like his hero and from there his tribute act was born. and It doesn’t matter any more.

Marc invited a few friends along to celebrate the era with Darren Page as Roy Orbison and Mike Nova as Elvis. This was a night of full nostalgia and Rock n Roll at its finest! ….Will Rock n Roll ever Die? That’ll be the Day!




ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)