Polo comes to Maresfield

Oakwood Park Polo Club held its first open day on Sunday with demonstration of the game.

The club is situated on a purpose built pitch just off the Maresfield by-pass.

The first game was started with Wealden MP Nus Ghani throwing the ball onto the pitch for the game to start.

A large crowd of supporters and spectators watch games of Polo in the afternoon and there was a display of about 30 Porsche sports cars.

The event also supported the Riding for the Disabled Association. (RDA)

Francis Matthews from Oakwood Polo Club was the guest of Tony Williams last week:

Polo Ponies

Wealden MP Nus Ghani presenting the ball for the game

A race between a car and a horse.

MP Nus Ghani throwing the ball in with a warning after she did it. ‘Run’

Nus Ghani retreating of the pitch!

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