Police warning – Clear vision essential for drivers in wintry conditions

Police stopped a car in Eastbourne early on Thursday morning (31 January) because its driver had just two ‘portholes’ cleared on an iced-up windscreen through which to see.

PCs Jonathan Ivatt and Nigel Dunn, of the Polegate roads policing unit, had strong words of advice for the driver, pointing out that uncleared areas could hide hidden hazards.

PC Ivatt said: “With the current cold weather we’re experiencing, it’s a timely reminder to all motorists to make sure they have all-round visibility before setting off on a journey.”

Rule 229 of The Highway Code states:

* You MUST be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all your windows;
* You MUST ensure that lights are clean and number plates are clearly visible and legible;
* Make sure mirrors are clear and that windows are demisted thoroughly;
* Remove all snow that might fall off into the path of other road users;
* Check your planned route is clear of delays and that no further snowfalls or severe weather are predicted.

PC Ivatt said: “It’s common sense to follow these simple steps. Leave extra time to ensure your vehicle is properly prepared and remember to use dipped headlights in poor visibility. The golden rule is see and be seen.”

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