Objections raised at plans meeting of Uckfield Council

The Plans meeting of Uckfield Town Council took place on Monday 29th July.

On the agenda was a planning application for land west of Ridgewood Manor Lodge off the Lewes Road at Ridgewood. (WD/2019/0582/RM)

Two members of the public wished to speak in objection to this application

Local resident Mr John Wilce stated that the development due to its size and close proximity would be dominant and over bearing to the rear of his property.  He stated that it would cause loss of light, loss of privacy, including his concern that vehicle headlights would shine directly into a bedroom of his property and concerns of noise. He stated that the development would not be in accordance with EN27 of the local plan or with the conditions within the outline application report.

Mr Mike King voiced his frustration that Wealden District Council did not take note of the Town Council and called for them to take note of the concerns raised.

He stated that the proposed dwellings would tower over the existing bungalow which would become surrounded by the high buildings of the development, being looked into from every angle. This he believed would result in the bungalow becoming un-saleable.  He stated that this application was not comparable to the 10m high block of flats on the other side of the land.

Members discussed at length their concerns and the concerns of residents that the proposed dwellings were dominant and overbearing to the lower lying properties, to which it would cause overlooking and loss of privacy.  It was noted that surface water disposal tests need to be repeated.  Members also echoed Wealden Waste Management concerns that there was no turning circle for refuse vehicles.

Subsequently It was RESOLVED to object to the application as the proposed development would not maintain an appropriate standard of privacy and amenity for occupiers of the neighbouring dwellings.  Members would also ask that the Wealden member for plans take this application to committee and noted the number of objections. Our objections are based on the following grounds:

  • Due to its close proximity and height the development would be overbearing to existing lower lying properties causing loss of light and privacy.
  • Over development of the site.
  • Concerns that there is no turning circle for refuse vehicles.
  • A repeat of the test for surface water disposal needs to be carried out.

Another item on the agenda was part retrospective planning application for a loft conversion at 12 Castle Way, Ridgewood. (WD/2019/1306/FR )

It was RESOLVED object to this application on the following grounds:

  • Out of keeping with properties in the vicinity.
  • Overbearing and overlooking to the properties to the rear of Castle Way on Highlands Avenue.
  • Over development of the site.
  • Object that an application for such a large addition was in retrospect and concerns that if approved, this would set a precedent.

All agendas and minutes of Uckfield Town Council can be found here.