Nus Ghani receives assurances from Sussex Police on Crime in Wealden

Wealden MP Nus Ghani met with residents who were the victims of crime about their concerns around response rates to crimes in the most rural areas of Wealden and the efficient gathering of information.

Nus then took this information to representatives from Sussex Police, who were able to assure Nus on the level of crime in Wealden as well as a visible policing presence and improving response rates in Crowborough, Uckfield, Hailsham and throughout the villages.

Sussex Police Chief Inspector Anita Turner reassured Nus that crime in Wealden remains low, and that Sussex Police continue to provide visible policing in Wealden towns.

Compared to 2017, reported crime in Wealden was down 6.6 per cent, with the biggest reduction in burglaries and vehicle crime. Crime in Uckfield and Crowborough was down as well, as was crime in the villages through Wealden.

In December, Nus welcomed news of additional funding for of up to over £22 million in the latest funding settlement.

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said: “My constituents are understandably concerned about crime, so I was glad to be able to meet with Sussex Police, alongside a few concerned residents, to get the full picture of crime in Wealden.

“It was great to receive reassurances from Sussex Police that reported crime in Wealden remains relatively low, and is in fact decreasing.

“The additional funding announced in December will nevertheless be very welcome, and I am pleased that Sussex Police will continue to provide an effective and strong presence in Wealden and across the rest of East Sussex.

“I also urge all my constituents to continue reporting any crimes you witness – accurate reporting ensures that Wealden will receive the most appropriate amount of focus.

“You can get in touch with the Wealden Crime Prevention Team by ringing 101 ext 568226. This is only to be used to report suspicious activity and share information and is not for reporting crime.

“The Sussex Police website at is where you can report suspicious activity, provide information anonymously and even report a crime.

“You can also join In The Know for community based reporting by visiting I would urge all my constituents to report whatever they see.”