Mural launched by young people from National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service is a scheme for young people in the Wealden area to raise money and awareness for a charity of their choice.

During the summer several groups have been working together in Uckfield based at the Civic Centre.

The lastest group of 16 young people decided to raise money for the charity EDS as one it affects one of the group as well as another members family.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) are a genetic disorder in which the structure of connective tissue is abnormal due to a gene mutation.

During the week, the group has held cake sales and handed out leaflets to raise awareness.

The final act was to launch the mural which will be on display in due course between the Civic Centre and Tesco.

The mural displays the zebra logo which in medicine is used to refer to a rare condition or disease.

Group member Hattie Pemberton spoke to Uckfield FM:

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)