Local primary schools invited to ROAR to success by our local Lions Club.

Uckfield Lions Club have sponsored the children of seven of our local primary schools to take part in ROAR 2019, which is an ideas competition designed to release the creativity inside every child.

ROAR helps with the children’s PSHE education and is run throughout the autumn term, by 7 Billion Ideas the award winning education company, on behalf of your local Lions Club.

The children will be working in teams, coming up with ideas they believe could change the world for the better, creating models, posters and jingles to promote their idea and presenting them to judges.

Each school will be represented in the finals at the Millennium Seedbank at Wakehurst, which is being sponsored by South East Business Systems.

Simon Stockley their CEO said ‘We believe using ones imagination is vital in business and the Lions ROAR competition encourages children to do just that in such an exciting way.’

There will be a number of prizes, but the overall winners will have their world changing idea created into a book, which will be available on Amazon.

The Lions ROAR education programme will be running again in 2020.Further details from David Skinner dajskinner@hotmail.com