Holy Cross School Celebrates Summer with Song

Bedecked in flowers, foliage and fairy wings, children and staff from Holy Cross School, once again, took the streets to celebrate the start of summer.

And for the first time in their procession trilogy it did not rain on their (May) parade.

The cavalcade of children meandered from Holy Cross School to the High Street; a mellodian player at the helm closely followed by three school-made giants and a boom box on wheels.

Last year saw just once giant leading the procession. This year he was joined by a wife and child made by the year 6 children as a wonderful creative activity after all their hard work in SATS.

Upon reaching the High Street the school children stopped, switched on the music and sang with gusto songs like Sussex By the Sea, which has become a school anthem.

Parents and locals crowded round the children, toes a tapping to the joyful singing with some even joining in with the popular tunes.

Headteacher, Mrs Cathy Dart said: “We initially started this parade to celebrate Holy Cross School being awarded Good by Ofsted back in March 2017.

“We had such good fun that first time three years ago that we decided to do it again and again. And our May Parade tradition was born.”

The parade is now a way for the school to celebrate the changing of the seasons and to welcome the start of summer. And sees children and staff dressed in green clothes, wearing painted masks in spring colours and flower crowns and fancy hats on their heads.

“It’s a great way for the children to have some fun, show off the songs they practice every week in school and celebrate that summer is nearly here,”
added Mrs Dart.

“This is a Holy Cross School tradition now. And we love it.”

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