Hansel and Gretel at the Civic Centre

A fantastic journey to a bizarre and enticing kingdom in the woods, presided over by a flamboyant and hungry witch, in this colourful retelling of The Brothers Grimm’s classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

With bold and playful puppets, a beautiful, transformative set, and wonderful music.

Staying true to the original story, Hansel and Gretel contained all the ingredients of a classic fairy tale; a woodcutter, children lost in an enchanted wood, a step-mother, a witch, and an against-all-odds happy ending.

We all have different experiences of being told stories as a child. Some of us might think of fairytales or nurseryrhymes, read to us before bed while the big light was still on. Some of us might think of a first book that took weeks of perseverance to master. Some of us might think of the amazing characters we met, and some of us might only remember pictures on pages.

It’s hard to remember what the magic of good storytelling felt like, before – as an adult – it evolves into anecdotes down the pub and well produced TV adverts. However, Hansel and Gretel with the Norwich Puppet Theatre and theatre makers Goody and Storey brings the intrigue and romance of storytelling back to life, in a way that is a delight for children and mesmerising for adults.

Basically, this is everything you want storytelling to be. It’s someone ‘doing the voices’, and making a magical land come out of the pages and into real life. It has the repetition of nursery rhymes, that makes the audience feel involved and familiar with what’s going on. . It’s a really wonderful show, and a very special experience.

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)