Good Friday Walk of Witness Uckfield

Churches in Uckfield joined together for a Good Friday Walk of Witness on Good Friday morning.

It began from the Cornerstone Church in New Town where those taking part were given the opportunity to have hot cross buns and then the Ecumenical Walk of Witness through the town for a short service at 11am. at the Post Office Square in the High Street.

To walk behind a cross on the main street of town is a simple but powerful declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. It is also a visible reminder to all who watch that there is hope to be found in the resurrection of Christ. Hope of forgiveness, of new beginnings and a purpose to live for.

There was a devotional hour at 1pm at Holy Cross and the Enactment of the Passion and Communion took place at 2pm.

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)

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