DriveAbility launched at Uckfield Fire Station

On Friday 13th September at the Uckfield’s Fire Station a new Partnership was launched between East Sussex Fire and Rescue and South East DriveAbility.

This partnership will enable both services to work together and ensure they can reach many more in the county ensuring our safety on our roads and in our homes.

Home Safety

ESFRS Fire Safety in the home service ensures our homes and us are safe. They can assist with the supply and maintenance of smoke alarms, how to keep your kitchen safe, how to ensure electrics within the home are safe, how to ensure when smoking or using candles in a home this is done safely. They can also help you to work out escape routes from the home ensuring in case of fire you are out of the building safely to immediately call the Brigade for help.

New centre

Based in Aylesford Kent, South East DriveAbility announced that by having this partnership they have a new outreach centre working at Uckfield Fire Station so more people have access to their specially adapted vehicles and assessment service for advice on driving safely.


The event was attended by Wealden Police so they could see and understand the services this partnership now provides so they too could help and give advice to those that need these services.

It was an amazing morning with a talk from each service explaining what they can do for others along side a tour of the types of vehicles that DriveAbiltiy can provide to enable a disabled driver to have their independence and how ESFRS can advise and protect the public.

Mayor and Deputy Mayor in attendance

The Uckfield Mayor Cllr Spike Mayhew and Dpt Mayor Cllr Jackie Love saw and took part in demonstrations on how to put out chip pan fires with extinguishers and fire blankets but with the underlined important advice that they always give us of keeping calm, act quickly in getting everyone out of the building and to call the emergency services immediately and to let the professionals put the fire out.


They were shown the amazing vehicles that DriveAbility can provide to hopefully enable most people with disabilities to drive themselves. Vehicles where a wheelchair user can access it via a ramp and then position themselves in the drivers position and use specially designed equipment to drive. From all the controls on the steering wheel to equipment similar to that on an electric wheelchair! It was truly amazing to see how much technology has advanced.

Contact details:

South East DriveAbility, their contact details are 0300 0134 886;

To contact ESFRS for a free home safety service visit, please contact Katinka on 01323 462984

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)