Councillors to review the role of the Town Crier

Image (c) Mike Skinner

The Town Crier Mr Ian Bedwell was appointed to his role in April 2018 and started to perform his role for the Uckfield Festival 2018 in July.

Since that time the Town Crier has now been communicating key messages and information about important dates in the Uckfield calendar and key events for just over 15 months.

The report to go before the full council on Monday 28th October continues:

‘When filling the role, it was advised that the position would be reviewed after 12 months. As a result of the majority of the work taking place in the summer months, it was thought best to leave the timing of the review until the latter part of 2019’

‘Local community groups have requested the ‘cry’ of the Town Crier to promote their events and the Town Crier has sought to attend formal occasions in the town such as Uckfield Carnival, Remembrance Sunday, Late Night Shopping as examples. We have also received requests from outside of the Town for his services. For example, the Town Crier read out the Sussex Charter for Crowborough in June, and attended the High Hurstwood Summer Fete in June’

‘The role has been well received by community groups, but further work is still required to communicate the schedule of the Town Crier and ensure there is adequate footfall on the High Street when he is communicating these messages’

‘Support is required from those who book or request the services of the Town Crier to drum up support and inform the public that he will be present that day or weekend. It may also be necessary to investigate the best time of day and location for the cry’

The Town Councillors will be asked to consider the above report and provide feedback to the Town Clerk.

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