Conservatives win Wealden and Lewes in general election

Conservatives Nus Ghani has been re-elected as member of parliament for Wealden in the general election.

And Maria Caulfield has been re-elected to serve again as the member for Lewes.

The result was declared in record time at the East Sussex National as follows:-

Nus Ghani (Conservatives) 37,043

Chris Bowers (Lib Dems) 11,388

Angie Smith (Labour) 9,377

Georgia Widdicombe Taylor  (Green Party) 3099

The turnout was 73.84%. and the Conservative majority was 25,655

In the 2017 Election Nus Ghani received 37,027 votes, 61.2% of the vote.

The result for Lewes:

The candidates were as follows:

Maria Caulfield (Conservatives) 26,268

Kate Chappell (Labour)  3,206

Oli Henman (Lib Dems) 23,811

Johnny Denis (Green Party) 1,453

Paul Cragg (Independent) 113

The Conservative majority was 2,457

Audio from the declaration this morning:

Nus Ghani MP

Chris Bower (Lib Dem)

Angie Smith (Labour)

Georgia Taylor

All images – Mike Skinner