Chailey Repair Cafe welcomes its 1,000th visitor

Founder & Coordinator Bryan McAlley presents Phil with a bottle of fizz for being Chailey Repair Cafe's 1000th customer

Two  surprises awaited Phil Machell from Newick when he called into Chailey Repair Café on Saturday 14th December to get his CD player fixed.

The first was that his CD player wasn’t working because one of his grandchildren had put a  10p piece in it. And secondly, Phil was Chailey Repair Café’s 1000th visitor!

Presenting him with a bottle of bubbly and one of the Cafe’s  electronic Christmas trees, founder and coordinator Bryan McAlley said:

 ”We had no idea when we first opened 18 months ago that we would have attracted 1000 visitors by the end of 2019. We have been very humbled by the interest and support shown by the local community and our visitors,  who come from all parts of Sussex and Kent”

Bryan added “ Phil’s broken CD player is typical of the challenges we are presented  with each month – but it’s not often that our customers go home with an extra 10p in their pocket!!”

Chailey Repair Café is part of a  world-wide movement where volunteer experts repair things free of charge – although a donation towards running costs is invited. Anyone can bring along broken items or clothing needing repair from home, and have a cuppa and a cake while they wait!

Chailey Repair Café  next opens at Chailey Parish Hall 10am – 1pm on 11th January 2020, and then normally  on the second Saturday of each month..   

Repairer Dave Caughley comes to the rescue

The rogue 10p coin that caused so many problems!