Buxted CEP School Mrs Radford’s Retirement Tea Party

Buxted CEP School celebrated Executive Head, Mrs Radford’s retirement with a tea party held in her honour on Friday afternoon.

Members of staff, parents, and Governors joined with the children to pay tribute to Mrs Radford. Children enjoyed cupcakes and biscuits, whilst parents and carers were able to enjoy refreshments provided by the PTA along with a slice of cake. Thank you to Hanna Froger of ‘Hanna’s Bakery’ for her beautiful four-tiered cake creation

There were fantastic dance and music performances from some of the year 6 children and an outstanding song performed by all the school children with specially written lyrics. A number of wonderful gifts were presented to Mrs Radford including a beautiful fingerprint tree, with a print from every child, staff member, Governor and PTA member.

Mrs Hayley Simpson, Head of School said “We would like to thank our Executive Headteacher, Mrs Radford, for the last 14 years of service at Buxted CEP School, as she is due to retire on the 30th of April 2019. Throughout this time, Mrs Radford has been dedicated to the role of Headteacher and has led the school with high aspirations and standards that have disseminated throughout, providing children with an engaging and deep curriculum. We would like to thank her for helping us to grow our school and achieve, being the very best that we can be. Our motto of ‘aspire, inspire’ will remain embedded and instilled in everything that we do. We are celebrating Mrs Radford’s retirement with a tea party held in her honour, with all of the children, parents and Governors.”

.Duncan Irvine (Chair of Govenors), Hayley Simpson (Head of School), Anne Radford(Executive HeadTeacher) and Michelle Pledge (Vice Chair of Govenors)

Anne Radford(Executive HeadTeacher) cutting the cake

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)