Bex & The Twins in June

Bex Maini & Twins (Olive Dragonfly Blog)

In June I was mostly busy with work but we’ve still had some adventures and we’re looking forward to a fun-filled summer holiday!


South of England Show

Always an amazing few days of fun, the South of England show has so much going on with great shopping, food & drink and demonstrations.  We had a blast exploring, read the blog for more…


Woodlands Festival

We love Woodlands Festival based near Hawkhurst in Kent, it’s specifically designed for families and despite the crazy changing weather that weekend, everyone had so much fun!


First Bikes!

The twins are off on their new bikes!  I’d definitely recommend balance bikes from a young age as K was just off once he started!  Buxted Park was the perfect place to practice 🙂


Glasgow & Loch Lomond

Nik and I had an awesome time back up in Glasgow for 24 hours, eating our way around old favourites and new places before we went to a friend’s wedding at Loch Lomond.  They were so lucky with the weather as we’d all expected rain but the sun came out just in time for their outdoor ceremony and we all had a blast!


Mermaid Dental Care

I was hired by my bosses at my other job to take some photos for their new website, it was really fun working with my colleagues from my photographer perspective and I’m really pleased with the shots we got, as are the bosses 😉


Birthday party fun

We went along to a friends birthday this month too which was so much fun and afterwards, we stayed to hang out and I got a bit creative with a prism taking some more photos 😉


Rainbow Sprinkler – Heat wave saviour!

When I saw other photographers over the pond having fun taking photos of these awesome rainbow sprinklers, I HAD to find one!  I knew the kids would love it and it does make for the perfect colourful photo opportunity 😀


Published in Click Magazine!

It’s a dream to be published in Click Magazine!  I contributed to an article giving tips for taking photos of multiples, being a twin mum I have plenty of tricks to get photos of my two together!!  I was thrilled they chose two of my images to feature alongside my tip, everyone’s contributions made for such a great article, I learned some good new tips too!


I’m still waiting for my printed copy to arrive from the States but had a sneaky peek at the digital issue!


Nutley Village Fete

It was a super hot day but we still had fun at Nutley Village Fete for a couple of hours.  It got a bit too much in the sweltering heat so we didn’t stay long but the kids had so much fun, especially Priya who had her first pony ride thanks to Ashdown Riding.  I think we’ll be looking into lessons!


Colour Chase Challenge – RAINBOW

Well this was my month really!  Even though I didn’t manage to take many specific ideas I had, I squeezed a few personal creative shoots in.  Here’s my grid of faves but there are loads more on the blog!


Bexphoto Branding

I’ve also had a lot of new work with commercial and branding sessions lately so I did a little refresh of my website with a new commercial page and brochure.  I love working with local businesses on making their brand stand out with gorgeous professional photos so if anyone is interested, please get in touch via my website:


Next month:

We’re hoping for more fun summer weather, hopefully with a little breeze so it’s not so stifling!  We’re making a list of fun activities to do over the summer holidays so I’ll have plenty to report back on as we visit some local attractions with all budgets in mind.  Bewl water is one I’m keen to check out since the kids got their new bikes and I think another trip to the Cuckoo Trail is in order too.  I’ll also be taking some photos for an event raising fund for Breast Cancer Care in Polegate on Saturday 20th July, definitely one to check out as they have lots of plans for families to enjoy and help raise funds for the amazing cause.