A 25th Birthday present with a difference!

The President of the League of Friends Bernard Trew (3rd from left), next to him the Chair Chris Macve, join some of the other Trustees to open the flower bed to mark 25 years since the Hospital openedBooth

This beautiful flower bed, which was designed and made by Nice ’n Tidy, celebrates the opening of the Community Hospital 25 years ago on 31st of May.

The hospital did not “just happen”, it was built by the amazing generosity of the Uckfield community. This represented some major donations and a huge number of individuals giving their time and money to raise the million pounds needed.

The whole enterprise was undertaken through the hard work and skill of Uckfield Community League of Friends. It is fitting that 25 years later, this picture shows Bernard Trew as he was one of the main “drivers” of the original fund raising exercise. A proud moment indeed for him, the League of Friends, and above all the Uckfield community.

Most patients and family visiting the hospital rightly uses the facilities without thinking twice. On occasions like this it is important just to reflect on how the community contributed to the project and what a first class service it now provides.

This was not just a “replacement” for the old hospital but a sea change in health care for the community. For example the new hospital had full operating and surgical services, a modern radiology & diagnostic department. The new hospital also had a modern Ward layout with side rooms 6 bed area, and a day area. The hospital also provided space for the Beechwood services and a GP practice. The hospital now has a modern Minor Injuries unit, and a site for on call, out of hours GP services.

The League of Friends continues to support the hospital, providing improvements in the quality of the working environment, to benefit staff and patients alike. The ever-expanding benefits of new technologies also create great demands on funding.

This summer the League of Friends provided the funds to replace all the X-ray equipment with the state of the art digital x-ray machines. These are quicker, resuls in lower levels of radiation for patients and staff but are cheaper to run. “Win win” by anyone’s standards!

Please remember that the League of Friends is a charity and funded by you the community. If you feel able to support the Friends by donation or legacy, please go the website where you can find out how to donate. uckfieldhospitalfriends.org/

IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)


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