World of Country – 19/08/18

Join Paul Hazell for World of Country on alternate Sundays from 9pm - 11pm

Join Paul Hazell for World of Country on Sundays from 9pm - 11pm

Everything featured by Paul Hazell on this edition of the show.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Laurel Canyon Ramblers (US) I’ll Have A Broken Heart
Clelia Adams (Aus) Back In Baby’s Arms
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys (vcl Tommy Duncan) (US) Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight
Collins Kids (Lorrie & Larry) (US) Beetle-Bug-Bop
Lorrie Collins (US) There He Goes
Marshal Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers (US) Rock Of Ages
Ben & Carmen Steneker (Hol) When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold
Otis C Truax (US) Ask A Woman
Bonita Mercer (Can) The Key’s In The Mailbox
Bob Brozman (US) Let’s Get It Stomp
Laural Mendes (US) I’m Not Invisible
Alec Saffy (Aus) Don’t Anyone Make Love At Home Anymore?
Bluey Francis (Aus) Dreams Of The Outback
Tom & Ted LeGarde (Aus) My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
Tom & Ted LeGarde (Aus) Yodelling Our Way Around The World
Tom & Ted LeGarde (Aus) Grady Family Band
Tomi Fujiyama (Jap) I Like Country Music
Max McCauley (NZ) Back To The Mountains
Donna Cunningham (US) Tell Me Truly
Hank The Cowhand (US) Popcorn Boogie
Bobby Marquez (US) Empty Glass
Tami Neilson (Can / NZ) Heavy Heart
Big-B (Bjorn Vidar Amdal) (Nor) The Rock