Uckfield Councillors sign up to the Drone code

Uckfield Town Council agreed at the Environment and Leisure committee to adopt the Civil Aviation Authority’s Drone Code.

With the growing use of drones the council wants to draw residents attention to this important document and is designed for users to fly in a safe way.

A report to the committee for recommendation said:-

‘Traditionally unmanned aircraft have only been used by model aircraft enthusiasts for recreational purposes. However, they are increasingly being used for professional applications such as surveillance and data gathering. Unlike manned aircraft or model aircraft used for recreational purposes there are no established operating guidelines for drones so operators may not be aware of the potential dangers or indeed the responsibility they have towards not endangering the public’

‘Much larger aircraft are now being developed and these aircraft are required by National and European law to be designed and manufactured to an approved standard, and very often require a great deal more space in which to operate.  In 2010 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) introduced new regulations that require operators of small unmanned aircraft used for aerial work purposes and those equipped for data acquisition and/or surveillance to obtain permission from the CAA before commencing a flight within a congested area or in a proximity to people or property’

‘The above regulations will apply to a limited amount of drone users and it is the casual user that should be made aware of how and where to operate their drone safely.   The CAA have therefore published a Drone Code to assist drone users in flying safely’

‘The use of drones on Town Council land has been reported and the adoption and displaying of the code would not only assist users but could reduce complaints.’

The recommendation was agreed.