World of Country – 07/01/18

This edition of Paul Hazell’s World of Country included a couple of special features.

Singing Cowgirls were featured, and the first part of a special featuring artistes that have most actively supported the show over the years.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Steve Wood & The Johnson Creek Drifters (Aus) A Short Life And Its Troubles
Leslie Tom (US) Hank You very Much
Sherwin Linton (US) The Folks Back Home
Richard Eloyan (US) Someplace Left To Go
Billy Edd Wheeler & Dana McVicker (US) My Heart Will Always Be In West Virginia
Kelvin Cummings (NZ) Blue Lake
The Wandering Eyes (US) Forbidden Angel (Mel Street Song)
Bob Marshall (US) It’s Gonna Get Western
Ian B MacLeod (Aus) Silver And Gold
Aspen Black (US) Following The Cattle Trail Home
Alice Black (US) My Palomino Pony
Shirley Field (Can) The Spirit Of The Cowboy
Canadian Sisters (Irene & Violet Tomlin) (NZ) Lonely River
Shirley Thoms (Aus) Night Time On The Prairie
Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn (US) Back To My Wyoming Home
Patsy Montana (US) Cowboy Yodel
Yoshio Ohno (Jap) A-Na-Ta-Da Ke-o (Welcome To My World)
Ron Gallagher (NZ) My Rodeo Days Are Gone
Otis C Truax (US) I Can’t Go Home To Heaven
Kim Allen (US) Happy Anniversary
Frank Ifield (UK-Aust) Here Comes My Baby Back Again
Johnny Heap (Aus) There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
Rex & Noelene Franklin (NZ) Keep The Lovelight Shining
Shavonne Aliphon (NZ) My Heart Keeps Changing Its Mind
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) Ballad Of Davy Crockett
Laural Mendes (US) In The Palm Of Your Hand
Max McCauley (NZ) Back To The Mountains
Billy Forrest (SA) I’m Crying My Heart Out Over You