World of Country – 22/07/18

Join Paul Hazell for World of Country on alternate Sundays from 9pm - 11pm

Join Paul Hazell for World of Country on Sundays from 9pm - 11pm

Everything played by Paul Hazell on this edition of World of Country.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Ann J Morton (US) Don’t Call Me No Lady
Hermann Lammers Meyer (+ Sandra Caroll) (Germ) Puttin’ Tears To A Tune
Ali S (Aus) Girls, Beer, Utes And Rodeo
Rex Dlallas (Aus) Borroloola Elder
Virginia Lee (SA) Ten Thousand Miles
Jack Holden’s Georgia Boys (US) Drifting And Dreaming
Bobby Gregory & The Cactus Cowboys (US) Git Along Home Cindy
Tim McNamara & Lorna Barry (Aus) Bouquet Of Roses
Jimmy C Newman (US) Thibodeaux And His Cajun Band
Kazuya Kosaka (Jap) Remember Me (I’m The One Who Loves You)
Mark Thornton, David West Robbie Turner, etc (US) Take Me Home Country Roads
Alastair Coyles (Ire) Texas When I Die
Michael T Wall (Can) Little Isle Of Newfoundland
Smoky Dawson (Aus) The Lights Of Cobb & Co
Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen & Linda Kvam (Nor) Baby Don’t Ask
Sylvia Winters (US) Mama Can I Talk To You
Allan Traynor (Can) Redpath Sugar Dress
Graham McCardle (NZ) She Told Me So
East Lonesome Drifters (UK) Another Hard Luck Hard Drinking Song
Richard Lynch (US) Country Music Isn’t Country Music Anymore
Hylo Brown (US) Wait For The Light To Shine
Barry Kirwan (Ire) Why Don’t You Spend The Night
Alison Brown (vcl: Amy Ray & Emily Saliers) (US) Homeward Bound
Bob Randall (US) Ain’t Getting’ Rich In Nashville
Bec Hance (Aus) Everyday TV Reality Shows
Die Teelepeltjies (The Teardrops) (SA) Banks Of The Ohio
Lou Reid & Carolina (US) God Loves His Children