Future Sounds – 18/10/18

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

This week’s selection of brand new sounds with Martyn Grenfell.

Music played:

Saves The Day – Side By Side
Dig Lazarus – Tell Me Why
Blast Bomb – Burn History
Hannie – Stay Another Night
Shiraz – Done The Dirty
The Thought Criminals – We Are So Fragile
The Venus Fly Trap – Vitesse
Matt Owens – Lay Down Honey
Orchid Collective – Forces
Holygram – Signals
Tenth Electric – Brighter
Nhan Solo – Shout
VRWRK – Fools
Manudigital – Winner
Candy Rose – Betrayal
YesYou – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
Jack Mac – Need A Break
James Galvo Parker – The Weight
Dave Giles – Taken Too Soon
Joanna Eden – Hello You
A Band Called Jack – Kiss Me
Freya Alley – Another Man
Jodi Phillis – Hudson Dreaming