Future Sounds – 16/08/18

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

Music played:
Imperial Leisure – RRRRRollin
Galaxy Thief – All Night Long
Seasonal – Honestly
Stephen Dale Petit – Soul of a Man
Vix 20 – Digital Age
Walter Lure & The Waldos – Crazy Kids
Tina Dico – Fancy
KRSTN – Second Chance
The Offshore – Touch The Sky
Ben Somers – Life on the Road
Bram Stoker – Pictures of Light and Shade
Katrin’s World – The Sunset
Jack Rose – Birthday Cake
Mavi Phoenix – Ibiza
Miranda Writes – Time to Time
Fake Turins – Afterwards
The Elation – Feels Like A Good Reason to Get Started
Thrillchaser – Quit It
Ajay Mathur – Little Boat
Franks – Heart Wants
L’FREAQ – Moonlight
Linda Em – Wildfire
Louise Marshall – Ocean
Darto – Brotherhood